Frequently Asked Questions: Third Party Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in supporting Easter Seals Goodwill Industries (ESGI) through hosting a third party event. Your efforts allow us to fulfill our mission to enhance employment, educational, social, and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and other challenges.

1. Will ESGI staff be able to help me organize my event?
Due to limited staffing and resources, ESGI staff cannot help organize your event. We can, however, provide some guidance as time allows.

2. Will ESGI provide any costs associated with my event?
No, event organizers must agree to cover all costs associated with their event and not charge ESGI in any way.

3. Will ESGI staff attend the event?
If you would like someone to represent ESGI at your event, please contact us and we will make our best effort to find a volunteer or staff person to accept a check and/or address attendees at the event.

4. Will ESGI be able to provide any printed materials for my event, such as brochures, flyers, etc?
Printed materials advertising your event must be the responsibility of the event organizer. Printed materials with information about ESGI programs & mission, including some ESGI branded event supplies, may be available for your event- please contact the ESGI development team to discuss options and availability at least 14 days in advance of distribution or your event. Please see Third Party Fundraising Guidelines or contact the ESGI development team for more details regarding printed materials.

5. Can I use the ESGI logo in my promotional materials?
Yes, we encourage the use of the ESGI logo in promotional materials for your event, with the advance approval by the ESGI development team. All print or broadcast materials referencing ESGI must be approved and comply with our guidelines. Please use only the ESGI logo from ESGI staff provided to you upon event approval. Third party fundraisers must agree not to promote Easter Seals Goodwill Industries as the organizer of the event, but rather as the beneficiary. Example: Use “Buy Lemonade to benefit ESGI!” rather than “ESGI Lemonade Stand.”

6. How do I provide tax write-off information, receipts, or letters of acknowledgement to donors?
All donations made online or sent directly to ESGI will be acknowledged.

For individual donations of $250 and above, the event organizer will provide an excel spreadsheet to the ESGI development team complete with contributor names, addresses, and amount donated for acknowledgement and tax deduction information. We are not able to provide tax write off receipts for donations under $250.

Please consult your tax advisor for tax write off information regarding in-kind and other donations.

If 100% of the proceeds will not be donated to ESGI, all promotions must note that a portion of the proceeds benefit ESGI. The organizer will receive acknowledgement of the total amount given to ESGI from their event.

7. Can I use ESGI’s tax-exempt status when purchasing materials?
No. Third party event organizers cannot use ESGI tax exempt status in conjunction with the event.

8. Can I get a list of sponsors, donors, or consumers from ESGI to invite to or solicit for my event?
No. Due to confidentiality restrictions, we cannot provide any contact information of our donors, sponsors, or consumers. All sponsorships & donations towards your third party event should be contacts made directly from the event organizer. Some good places to start asking for donations include family, friends, businesses you frequent, and your place of employment. If your event includes any major sponsorships, please consult ESGI staff before approaching prospective sponsors.

9. Will ESGI insure my event?
Event organizers are responsible for the cost & duty of obtaining all permits & liability insurance appropriate for hosting the event. ESGI does not insure and is not financially responsible for expenses associated with third party events.

10. What kinds of fundraising activities can I do?
There are so many wonderful ways to fundraise! Fundraisers can be as easy or as complex as you’re willing to take on, and fundraisers can be executed by adults and children alike!

Car Wash

Bake Sale


Lemonade/ Hot-Cocoa/ Popcorn Stand

“Jeans Day” at work

Pampered Chef or other product party

Fashion Show

Concession Stand



Motorcycle Ride

Dog Wash

Face Painting or Temporary Tattoo Booth

Yard Sale*

Silent Auction*


Craft Fair*

Classic Car Show

Charity Golf Tournament

Cut-a-thon with beauty salons or schools

eBay or Craigslist sale*


Dragon Boat Race

Birthday Party or other celebration with donations to ESGI in lieu of gifts

Wedding favors- donation to ESGI in lieu of gifts

Boxcar Derby

Sports Tournament

Book Sale*

Walks, Runs, Obstacle Courses, Triathlons, and more!

*Unsold items may be donated to Easter Seals Goodwill Industries for sale in our other upcoming fundraisers or in our Goodwill Stores!