Third Party Fundraising Guidelines

Please carefully read these guidelines for hosting an event to benefit
Easter Seals Goodwill Industries (ESGI):

1. Complete and submit a signed Third Party Fundraising Agreement Form. Event organizers are responsible for all event details including, but not limited to: underwriting all related costs; recruiting and managing all event volunteers to plan and run the event; publicity and production of marketing materials to promote the event (more on this later); and working the event itself. The development team at ESGI may be able to provide guidance for your event, however we do not have the personnel or the resources to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third party events.

2. All events must be approved by the development team at ESGI in advance. We will review your plan and do our best to contact you within 7-10 business days. Please do not move forward with the event planning process until final approval has been given. We appreciate your patience during the approval process.

3. Promotional materials: all promotional materials must be approved by the development team at ESGI prior to production or distribution. This includes advertising, letters, brochures, flyers, and press releases. We encourage the use of the ESGI logo on promotional materials, but only the exact, unaltered logo that you receive from ESGI in accordance with our graphic standards. All costs of producing new printed materials must be covered by the organizer. ESGI may be able to provide standard ESGI printed materials as available and with a 14 day advance notice before the materials need to be distributed. Promotional materials for the event must avoid statements indicating or the appearance of an endorsement by ESGI for any product, firm, organization, individual, or service. Fundraising activities and events where 100% of the proceeds are to be donated to ESGI are usually easier to organize and manage. If ESGI will not be receiving all event proceeds, it must be stated clearly that a portion of the proceeds will benefit ESGI. Additionally, third party fundraisers must agree not to promote Easter Seals Goodwill Industries as the organizer of the event, but rather as the beneficiary.

Example: “The Ann Smith Charity Golf Tournament benefiting Easter Seals Goodwill Industries” rather than “The Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Golf Tournament”

4. Sponsors: Please send ESGI development staff a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize overlap with other ESGI events and/or fundraising campaigns that may be underway. The sponsors list will be approved by ESGI staff within 3-5 business days and then you may begin your sponsorship asks. The same goes for in-kind donations (silent auction & raffle prizes, food donations, etc).

5. Permits & Liability: ESGI does not insure and is not financially responsible for the expenses associated with staging third party events. Event organizers are responsible for the cost & duty of obtaining all permits & liability insurance appropriate for hosting the event. If you are unsure what coverage is needed for your event, please contact the following. For liability insurance, contact the venue of the event or your insurance broker. For all permits (event space, food service, alcohol service, etc. as applicable), contact the town or city in which the event will be held.

6. Funds, Budgets, & Record Keeping: All record keeping and fund collecting for the third party event is ultimately the responsibility of the organizer. Keeping accurate records of your fundraising revenue and expenses is extremely important. Donations may be made by check, credit card, and/or money order. Please send proceeds from the fundraiser within 30 days of the event. Cash received during the event must be converted into one check before submission. Checks should be made payable to Easter Seals Goodwill Industries. Please do not, under any circumstance, open any bank accounts in Easter Seals Goodwill Industries’ name. Upon submission of the funds raised, ESGI development staff should also receive a copy of the complete accounting of all funds collected and expenses related to the event for documentation.

7. Tax Deductible Contributions: Contributions are tax-deductible for donors only if the donations are made to ESGI. For donations of $250 and above, please compile an excel spreadsheet with a mailing list of all contributors complete with names, addresses, and amount donated. This list will be used to mail a thank you letter with tax deduction information. Please consult your tax advisor for the proper process for donation receipts, in-kind contributions, etc.

We are honored that you have chosen to make a difference for people with disabilities and other challenges by fundraising for Easter Seals Goodwill Industries. Because of your support and commitment to fundraising for a great cause, we are able to continue to strengthen the programs and services that we provide throughout New Haven, New London, and Middlesex Counties. Please share your event details, stories, and photos by emailing them to the development team at We are thrilled to celebrate each fundraiser, and would love to highlight them on our website and in our newsletter.

Good luck with your charity event and thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Questions and applications should be directed to:
Melissa Nicholson
Special Events Coordinator
Attn: Third Party Event: “Event Name”
432 Washington Ave.
North Haven, CT 06473
203-752-5330  •