IDEA (Individually Developed Employment Assistance)

Robin Peet enrolled in the IDEA Work Services Program at Goodwill in 2014 on a mission to do better for himself. He had been working at Friendly’s family restaurant and wanted to do more. Robin wanted to go into retail and requested to be placed in a Goodwill store. With the assistance of an Employment Specialist (Kammie Caballero), Robin was given an opportunity to showcase his skills within our Westville Goodwill store. He came to work everyday wanting to do his best and help in any way he could. He loved working at the store, “It made me feel accomplished” he said. A full-time position became available at the Goodwill warehouse, and Robin jumped on the opportunity to apply for the job. He was hired as a material handler and worked in this position up until the Pandemic started. He sought other employment at this time and was hired at Rainbow Cleaners in Hamden, Ct. Robin is now an assistant manager and says “I owe all my success to my Employment Specialist and the Goodwill team that gave me the opportunity to enhance my life through employment”. Hard work and dedication pays off, great job Robin!

Our IDEA (Individually Developed Employment Assistance) program allows individuals like Robin to gain independence in a work environment and to live a more fulfilling life. Shopping or donating at any one of our Goodwill of Southern New England locations helps to fund our programs and services that we offer to the community. This opportunity for individuals with disabilities and other challenges would not be possible without that support. 

For more information on this program, visit IDEA.