Shopping Tips

We have gathered together some of our greatest shopping tips for making the most out of your trip to Goodwill!

Visit Multiple Stores
Each store has a unique selection of items. You can find a variety of treasures at each location, so don’t limit yourself to just one store!

Shop Frequently
We are constantly stocking new merchandise throughout the day, so our inventory is always changing!

Save Even More
Take advantage of our daily sales and specials! You can sign up to receive even more money-saving deals including exclusive discounts, updates and coupons right in your email!

Shop Smart
Since our inventory is constantly changing, most items will not be there for very long. So when you see it, don’t wait or it may be gone!

Look Beyond the Surface
Scratches, nicks and chips can easily be repaired or repainted. So look for the potential and get in touch with your creative side!

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