Community Re-entry Services (CRS) is specifically designed to assist individuals who have a history with the Department of Correction (DOC). CRS may begin while an individual is still incarcerated during an “engagement” period, just prior to release from prison.

The program begins with a Skills for Success class including topics specific to those with a criminal history. Skills for Success teaches job readiness skills in a classroom setting. Topics include attitude, personal appearance, work ethic, listening skills, interpersonal skills, presentation, interviewing skills and techniques, accepting diversity, motivation and job retention skills.

Program participants then receive a comprehensive needs assessment to identify other areas of support or need such as financial planning, career development, education, transportation and family reunification. Some services are provided through linkages with other programs. As determined necessary, participation on a Transitional Employment Program (TEP) work crew provides a period of work adjustment or evaluation with the support of a TEP Crew Leader. The TEP Crew Leader accompanies a small group of CRS participants to an assigned Goodwill store to perform varied tasks including sorting, hanging and ticketing textiles. This may precede referral for job development services to ensure job readiness. Once placed into a competitive job, a follow-up period of six months typically follows job placement to ensure successful job retention. Throughout the duration of one’s program participation, case management staff will maintain contact with other service providers providing supports with housing, alcohol/drug treatment, etc.

Service Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:00am – 4:00pm

Setting:  830 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511

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