Are You Ready to WORK?

What does it mean to be “Job Ready”? Before we can actually go to work on the process of finding a job we need to make sure that we are really ready to work. First and foremost, are we mentally and physically ready?

  • Medical-If we are prescribed medication for physical or mental health concerns, have we been taking them as prescribed?

  • Exercise- This is so important to both the physical and mental well-being of all people, no matter who you are! Exercise can be membership in a gym, walking regularly in you neighborhood, yoga, gardening, or some kind of competitive sport (basketball, softball, etc.).

  • Spiritual well-being-Religious and spiritual beliefs are sometimes looked at as a sign of weakness. However, belief in something greater than us has been a source to men and women since time has been recorded! Attendance at a church, synagogue, support group, or recovery meeting can be both uplifting and a great way to network others!