Our Job Placement Services provide assistance to individuals in securing competitive employment in their expressed area of interest based on identified skills and abilities. With the one-on-one support of an assigned Employment Specialist, services can take the form of resume development, providing job leads, networking, completing applications, interview preparation and support, and job counseling.

Our Job Retention Support and/or Job Coaching Services are available, as needed, to ensure the successful transition to employment. Staff may assist the individual to learn new tasks and to adjust to the work environment/schedule or may provide support to the individual outside of the workplace to discuss and counsel around the feelings or practical issues that arise in new situations. Job Coaching services typically follow the job placement of an individual who requires additional support to retain the job once employment begins.

Specific individual employment service programs are staffed by appropriately qualified staff, based on the target population served, and provide an array of Individual Employment Services as outlined above, based on need.

For more information about Job Placement and Retention Support Services, call us at (203) 772-6602 or contact us here.