Reentering the Workforce After Incarceration

In today’s job market, the average person is having an easier time finding work. However, this isn’t always true for people who have been incarcerated. One of the hardest obstacles to overcome is the stigma attached to people who have recently been released from prison. Often previously incarcerated people applying for jobs can feel demoralized when employers reject them, or disregard their resumes without calling them back. Goodwill of Southern New England understands the difficulties of returning to society and hopes to ease them by offering support to those struggling with reintegration to find long-term employment solutions.

For people just released from prison, many are looking forward to creating a new life. Those coming out of incarceration often find it difficult to land the meaningful jobs they need to successfully reintegrate with society. In the first full calendar year after getting out of prison, only 55% of returning citizens reported any earnings, with average pay being only $10,090. Being unable to find a job can feel stressful and hopeless, but seeking help can ease the transition. 

For those facing this situation, Goodwill of Southern New England offers a range of Employment Services including pre-employment, career planning, job placement, and job retention and support services in addition to general case management. Goodwill’s mission is to help people with barriers to employment gain employment, and we do that by ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access the guidance and support they need to find quality occupations where they can achieve success. For more information, contact us by filling out this form or calling us at (203)777-2000 today.