Community Employment Services

Elizabeth works two days a week in our Wallingford store sorting donated clothing into bins to be sold or to be recycled. The items in the to be sold bins get hung on racks and moved on to the sales floor for customers to purchase. She has been with the Community Employment Services program for two years, and loves her job. “My Job Coach Paul assists me with tasks when I need help with them. The store staff are so nice to me and encourage me to advocate for myself. I look forward to coming to work and I like my Job Coach.”

When not working at Goodwill, Elizabeth loves playing trivia games, listening to music (Taylor Swift rocks!), visiting Disney, playing video games, and reading Little House on the Prairie books. Her all time favorite things to do are taking gymnastic classes, dancing, and vacationing with her family.

Our Community Employment Services program allows individuals like Elizabeth to gain independence in a work environment and to live a more fulfilling life. Shopping or donating at any one of our Goodwill of Southern New England locations helps to fund our programs and services that we offer to the community. This opportunity for individuals with disabilities and other challenges would not be possible without that support. 

For more information on this program, visit Community Employment Services.