Community Employment Services (CES), through the assistance of Job Coaches and other support staff, provide remunerative work opportunities at a variety of community-based locations for small groups of individuals who are unable to maintain employment without full-time and/or long-term support or who require vocational training to advance to individual, competitive employment. Additional services may include work skills development, transportation services, general case management, socialization skills training, behavior management and instruction in adult daily living skills. In addition to many community employers, several of the Agency’s Goodwill locations are host to a CES work crew.

Community Employment Services is dedicated to providing long-term and short-term, group-supported work opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities and staffing in a variety of business settings throughout the Greater New Haven area and beyond. Primary funding and referrals are provided by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Community employment opportunities include manufacturing, custodial, small assembly, magazine stocking, collating/mailings and retail environments. Supervisory staff is provided for each work crew at no cost to the host company.

Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Helping to develop a plan to meet specific work interests and support needs
  • Job placement with a small group of individuals at a work site with a Job Coach to provide support and training, as needed
  • Job training
  • Travel training to assist in using public transportation
  • Transportation services to and from work, upon availability
  • Opportunities for recreational activities when work sites are closed

Benefits to the Greater New Haven Business Community:

Quality – Providing quality work is important to us, because it not only ensures a fantastic experience for your business, it also gives our team of workers a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Reliability – Your business will always receive excellent performance from our work crews. We consistently meet quality and quantity standards and provide a Job Coach to supervise each crew, free of charge.

Value – Your business will not only receive quality work from our work crews, you will also know that by hiring our team, you are helping to improve the economic self-sufficiency of our clients, allowing them to become tax-paying members of society.

Supervision – We provide a Job Coach, free of charge, for every team of workers to oversee all work, allowing us to further provide you with a quality experience.

Skilled Work Crews – Our work crews are skilled in a variety of services including hand-assembly, sorting, collating, stuffing, labeling and sealing envelopes, and light to moderate custodial work.

Flexible Schedules – Our team of workers is available for both long and short term projects, depending on your company’s needs. Our work crews usually work Monday-Friday from 9am to 2pm.

Dedicated Workforce – We provide a team who is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience on a consistent basis, whether it be a long term or a temporary project.

We currently employ a number of our clients in our Goodwill stores, hanging, tagging and sorting donations to be put out on the sales floor. Check out our ESG TV Episode, featuring our Orange Goodwill store program participants!

What our employers have to say about our program:

“The Eastern Bag & Paper Group and Goodwill of Southern New England have formed a partnership that has been a perfect fit for both of us. The staff that is appointed at our facility is professional, hard working and extremely reliable. Every time we give any of these Goodwill of Southern New England’ employees a new task they go far beyond our expectations and continue to impress us with their work ethic. I am thrilled to be a part of such a great organization and I know anyone who has experienced this program will feel the same.” Dan Walker, Warehouse Manager, Eastern Bag & Paper

“WESCO Distribution and Goodwill of Southern New England have forged a partnership involving knitting projects for Con Edison of New York that has resulted in steadily increasing sales over the last three years. The Goodwill of Southern New England Team remains focused on exceptional quality which has allowed the expansion of WESCO’s kit programs with other customers. Goodwill of Southern New England has truly become an integral part of WESCO’s business model.” Tanya Alves, General Manager, Utility, WESCO Distribution

“Jobs you think or thought they couldn’t handle, they have no problem doing. They brighten our days with their smiles and their personalities.” Deborah Kenniston, Supervisor of Communications, The Marlin Company

“We enjoyed a mutually-beneficial working relationship with Goodwill of Southern New England. The enthusiasm and dedication of Goodwill of Southern New England’ workers has a positive effect on our overall operation. Their program is working for us and I highly recommend it to other employers.” Bob Madelmayer, Plant Manager, Gravymaster, Inc.

For more information about Community Employment Services, call us at (203) 777-2000 or contact us here.