Group Supported Employment Services are designed for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who require full-time support with a primary focus on employment.

The Community Employment Services (CES) program, through the assistance of Job Coaches and other support staff, provides remunerative work opportunities at a variety of community-based locations for groups of individuals. Full-time and/or long-term support are provided, along with vocational training for those seeking to advance to individual, competitive employment. Additional services may include work skills development, transportation services, general case management, socialization skills training, behavior management, and instruction in adult daily living skills. In addition to many community employers, several of the Agency’s Goodwill locations are host to a CES work crew.

Location: 432 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT 06473
Service Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Funding Source:
  • Department of Development Services (DDS)
  • For more information about Group Supported and Community Employment Services contact us:
    Main Campus • 432 Washington Avenue • North Haven, CT 06473 • (203) 777-2000