Goodwill of Southern New England needs your help. The demand for donated goods has never been so high. We are in need of items to sell in our stores. With so many Donation Bins and Centers operated by for-profit agencies throughout Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, Goodwill of Southern New England, a not-for-profit agency right here in your community, is in need of donated goods more than ever.

You can help by allowing us to place a Goodwill Donation Bin or Attended Donation Center on your property, giving your customers the opportunity to donate unwanted items in an easy and convenient way. 

Not all Donation Centers are equal and not all donations help the local community.

Goodwill of Southern New England is asking donors to consider carefully where they donate their gently used clothing and other household items. “All too often people want to quickly clear out the things they can no longer use, and simply drop their unwanted items at the nearest collection box or center,” says Richard Borer, President of Goodwill of Southern New England. “Donors typically believe they are making a charitable donation, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.”

Donors can make sure their donations are benefitting the people who need them most by asking the organization a few questions:

  • Will my donation be used to support a cause I believe in?
  • What percentage of the revenues generated by my donation will directly support the mission of the organization?
  • If the collection center is owned by a for-profit organization, how will my donation help people in need?

When you donate to Goodwill of Southern New England, 100% of your donation is used locally and 100% of the revenue generated by the donation will be used to fulfill our mission.

For more information about getting a donation bin, call us at (203) 777-2000 or contact us here.