We accept donations at any of our Goodwill Stores, our Attended Donation Centers, and at numerous Donation Bins. Click here to see all locations.

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Accepted Donations:

All Clothing – Men’s, Women’s, Children’s
Appliances – Small in Working Condition
All Books, Records/Tapes/CDs, DVDs/VHS
Bicycles and Toys
Small Furniture Items in good, saleable condition
Shoes (pairs)
Sporting Goods

Vehicles: Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Motor Homes (call 203-777-2000 x253 for information)

Unaccepted Donations:

Unfortunately, there are some donations that we cannot accept due to safety concerns. Help us keep unsafe items out of stores by not donating items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet current safety standards. For more information, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Effective August 1, 2013, our Goodwill Stores & Attended Donation Centers will no longer accept donations of older picture tube (CRT) televisions. Click here for more information.

Air Conditioners
Bathroom / Kitchen Fixtures
Broken Items
Building Materials
Car Parts
Flammable Materials
Gas Grills
Hot Water Heaters
Infant Furniture
Major Appliances
Mattresses / Box Springs
Stained or ripped Upholstered Furniture
Wet or Soiled Clothing
Large Furniture Items (Sofas, Desks, Armoires, etc.)
Tube (CRT) Televisions and Computer Monitors: Goodwill Stores and Attended Donation Centers will no longer accept donations of older picture tube (CRT) televisions. The low demand for these older televisions results in little to no sales in our Goodwill stores. Televisions are considered “Universal Electronic Waste,” which has a regulated and more complicated recycling process than other items, costing Goodwill much more money to recycle. We will continue to accept computers, computer monitors and computer peripherals (e.g. mouse, keyboard, etc.) as donations. We will also continue to accept new model televisions such as LED, LCD and Plasma models. Some local transfer stations still continue to accept older TVs at no cost to you. Please visit the Connecticut DEP website here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide donation pick-up services.