Hard Skills




Crew Member

·          Greeted guests and prepared their orders neatly and in a timely manner

·          Memorized menu items and explained them to guests accurately

·          Used point of sale system/cash register to record the order processed payments

·          Checked products in sandwich unit area and restocked food and supplies

·          Understood and adhered to proper food handling, safety and sanitation standards

·          Maintained paperwork and inventory records

·          Performed cash-In procedure- accounting for all forms of money, bread, etc., during the shift




•      Answered a multi-line phone system

•      Recorded customer phone, fax and in person orders               and communicated with cook

•      Greeted customers and showed them to their seat

•      Read restaurant layout to seat customers properly

•      Recorded and served customer food and drink orders

•     Maintained cleanliness of dining and kitchen area and bussed tables




·          Greet guests and make them feel welcome

·          Learn menu items and be able to describe them appropriately to guests

·           Take beverage and food orders

·           Deliver beverages and food in a timely manner

·           Check-in with guests to ensure that everything is going well

·           Clear dirty dishes from tables

·           Refill beverages throughout the meal

·           Deliver guest’s bill and thank them for dining at the restaurant



Prep Cook

·          Peel, chop, slice and dice vegetables and fruits for cooking

•     Make salads and put together entrees

•     Prepare meat and poultry for cooking by slicing and    cutting appropriately

•     Prepare ingredients as instructed

•     Ensure ovens and stoves are clean and ready for use

•     Clean kitchen counters and other work areas

•     Arrange sauces and supplementary garnishes for   allocated station

•     Wash dishes and cooking utensils as needed

•     Weigh, evaluate, and mix ingredients

•     Prepare ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food


Line Cook

·          Set up stations and collect all necessary supplies to prepare menu for service

·          Prepare a variety of foods; meat, seafood, poultry, vegetable, and cold food items

•     Cover, date and correctly store all bits and pieces and   food prep items

•     Notify Chef in advance of likely shortages

•     Serve menu items compliant with established standards

•     Use food preparation tools such as; mixers, blenders, food choppers, etc.

•    Close the kitchen correctly and follow the closing checklist for kitchen stations

•     Maintain a prepared and sanitary work area at all times

•     Make sure all storage areas are tidy and all products are stored and rotated appropriately





·          Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food-handling practices.

·          Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking.

·          Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience.

·          Observe and test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils.

·          Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment.

·          Portion, arrange, and garnish food, and serve food to waiters or patrons.








•     Collect soiled dishes from dining areas and transport them to the kitchen

•     Ensure that soiled dishes are stacked properly so that they can be picked easily for washing purposes

•     Mix liquid soap and ensure that sponges are properly immersed in the liquid

•     Clean dishes and flatware with water in order to clear them of dirt

•      Soap down dishes and ensure that they are rinsed properly

•      Place washed dishware and flatware on drying racks

•      Use drying cloth to dry dishes and flatware completely

•      Load soap and water into dishwashers

•      Place dishes appropriately in the dishwasher

•      Switch dishwasher on for the right amount of time and keep a watch on the timer

•      Remove washed dishes from the dishwasher and dry them if needed

•      Stack dishes properly and put away in appropriate areas in the kitchen

•      Maintain kitchen work areas and receive and store kitchen supplies

•      Sweep kitchen floor and take trash out

•      Ensure that the kitchen floor is properly sanitized

•      Perform preventative and regular maintenance on dishwashers and ovens

•      Mop stockrooms and report any hazardous situations to the kitchen or maintenance manager

•      Ensure that all dish cleaning equipment and supplies are stocked properly

•      Assist kitchen staff with food preparation duties when needed

•      Assist with bussing and washing tables as needed



Catering Server

·          Transports all materials to and from the event area, following all health and safety qualifications for food and serving ware.

·          Sets up, decorates, and prepares serving and dining areas according to specific directions and layout plans established by the catering manager.

·          Cleans, washes, peels, and cuts fruits, vegetables, and other food for optimal presentation.

·          Prepares food in an attractive and appetizing way according to the caterer’s directions and serves the food with appositive and courteous demeanor.

·          Addresses immediate customer concerns, questions and needs in order to provide an optimal experience.

·          Breaks down serving and dining areas.

·          Cleans and sanitizes all equipment, utensils, dining ware, linens, serving ware, and work areas.

·          Restocks clean equipment, utensils, and equipment to proper storage areas noting any damages and items to be replaced.





Distribution Clerk


·          Sorting, processing, and dispatching clients’ orders

·          Coordinating with freight and courier companies for delivery breakable products and official documents

·          Operating forklift, pallet jack, hand trucks, and other equipment for stocking and clearing goods

·          Inspecting packaging of orders and tagging all boxes for easy identification

·          Counting and entering warehouse stock into system and placing orders


Material Handler/ Warehouse Laborer

·          Operate a forklift, hand truck, and other machinery to move materials

·          Accept, count, and then move incoming deliveries to the warehouse or specific departments

·          Properly place items for storage and access, move material around as needed

·          Deliver outgoing materials to the shipping area


Order Filler/ Picker

·          Efficiently pick customer orders for shipment, ensuring that the correct number and type of product is loaded and shipped

·          Assemble various types of merchandise for shipment

·          Carry or transport orders to shipping locations or delivery platforms with material handling equipment

·          Stencil, tag, or mark orders as requested








Shipping and Receiving

·          Prepares shipments for postal or commercial conveyance; determines most economical and efficient shipping method; selects appropriate shipping container; packs items to ensure safe delivery.

·          Prepares bills of lading; checks items to be shipped against work orders to ascertain that quantities, destination, and routing are correct.

·          Receives and unloads incoming materials and compares information on packing slip with purchase order to verify accuracy of shipment; may process return shipments from customers.

·          Sorts, counts, packages, labels, insure, unpack, and/or logs inventory which is shipped or received.

·          Inspects shipments for damages or defects; records discrepancies or damages and notifies supervisor and/or purchasing personnel.

·          Delivers items to requisitioning departments and obtains authorized signatures for accepted items.

·          Traces lost shipments and/or customer claims of lost shipments; initiates proof of delivery documents.

·          May maintain department database, prepare routine reports, and file shipping/receiving records.

·          May operate dolly, pallet jack, and/or forklift in loading and unloading supplies and equipment; may operate shrink-wrap machine; may operate company vehicle to deliver shipments; may assist in routine maintenance of equipment and shipping area; may lock warehouse and set alarms.

·          Follows established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives, continuous quality improvement objectives, and safety, environmental, and/or infection control standards.

·          Leads, guides, and trains employees performing related work.

·          Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.






Forklift Operator

·           Identify and report faulty equipment, damages, and safety concerns to Supervisor immediately.

·          Load and unload products from trailers using forklift trucks and other material handling equipment.

·          Store the products in proper places in warehouse.

·          Transport products to and from warehouse and distribution centers.

·          Deliver products to various units in safely and timely manner.

·          Sort, pack, wrap, tie and label products as per company procedures.

·          Weigh products and record weight and other data in product labels.

·          Monitor and maintain accurate inventory.

·          Move and load hazardous wastes under direction of supervisor.

·          Clean work area and equipment regularly by removing empty pallets, wood and plastic.

·          Follow company standards and legal regulations to ensure safe and positive work atmosphere.

·          Maintain forklift equipment by troubleshooting breakdowns, performing preventive maintenance, recommending repairs and performing routine pre and post inspections.

·          Maintain material handling equipment by recharging, cleaning, oiling, refueling and other necessary actions, and record all information on log sheet.

·          Study production schedule to determine material requirements, movements and deliveries.

·          Record information regarding movements of supplies, materials and finished products.








Warehouse Packer

·          Stack and pile finished goods into containers.

·          Prepare goods for shipment.

·          Pack them following a specific set of instructions.

·          Clean and prepare containers for packing.

·          Check to ensure containers are damage free.

·          Verify if items pulled out of package are correct.

·          Maintain database of packages.

·          Fill out forms and papers to record measurement, weight, and product count.

·          Keep track of inventory.

·          Remove completed or defective products or materials, placing them on moving equipment such as conveyors or in specified areas such as loading docks.

·          Seal and label each container.

·          Move completed packages for loading.

·          Load or stuff different products or merchandise.

·          Count items.

·          Review packing lists.

·          Mark and label containers.

·          Seal containers with glue and fasteners.

·          Tag containers with marking tools.










Machine Operator

·          Operated mill, lathe, drill, automatics, hone and lap, numerical control equipment and burr efficiently and safely

·          Read blueprints, work from layouts and dimensions on drawings to perform assigned tasks

·          Loaded, aligned and operated machines per drawing instructions

 Utilized micrometers, vernier calipers, overhead crane and hand tools

·          Weighed ingredients to specific quantities using calibrated scales and balances

·          Monitored machines for problems and troubleshooted problems

·          Checked raw materials for quality and quantity ahead of loading into machine

·          Prepared raw materials to be loaded into the machine

·          Prepared tooling for changeovers and performed machine changeovers.

·          Followed production instructions of supervisor to ensure quality

·          Interacted with customers and visitors

·          Carried out basic calculations with aid of a computer and calculator

·          Followed written instructions and batch records

·          Maintained quality and quantity with strong sense of accountability and high standards

·          Completed relevant documentation

·          Cleaned and maintained equipment and work area







·          Prepares work to be accomplished by studying assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists; gathering parts, subassemblies, tools, and materials.

·          Positions parts and subassemblies by using templates or reading measurements.

·          Assembles components by examining connections for correct fit; fastening parts and subassemblies.

·          Verifies specifications by measuring completed component.

·          Resolves assembly problems by altering dimensions to meet specifications; notifying supervisor to obtain additional resources.

·          Keeps equipment operational by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs.

·          Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

·          Maintains supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies.

·          Conserves resources by using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish job results.

·          Documents actions by completing production and quality forms.

·          Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.






Automotive Technician

·          Examined work orders and discussed work with manager

·          Performed regular vehicle maintenance tasks; oil changes, lubrications and tune ups

·          Tested parts and associated systems to make sure that they are working accurately

·          Identified mechanical problems of cars manually or by means of computerized diagnostic tools

·          Replaced damaged parts of vehicle

·          Repaired different parts of automotive systems

·          Adjusted repaired systems to predefined specifications

·          Informed clients on work performed, overall condition of vehicle and future repair requirements

·          Followed checklists to make sure that all critical parts are inspected








Auto Body Repair

·          Repairs and/or replaces doors, panels, bumpers, fenders, hoods, including sheet metal, aluminum and fiberglass bodies and other related structures

·          Removes parts from passenger vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment, using wrenches, cutting torch, plasma cutter and pneumatic tools

·          May determine actual damage and repair work necessary

·          Brazes and welds parts using MIG welder, squeeze type inverted resistance welder, electric, gas and other welding equipment

·          Panel beats parts into normal shape; applies fillers and sealers; featheredges, sands and smooths parts

·          Paints vehicles

·          Mixes paints to ensure proper color and viscosity

·          Reattaches parts onto vehicle by welding, brazing, riveting, bolting, or gluing; fabricates panels and compartments for custom bodies

·          Aligns and/or replaces structural or mechanical parts damaged in accidents

·          Repairs, aligns and/or replaces damaged frames utilizing frame straightening and repairing equipment as required

·          Removes and replaces radiators, air conditioning condensers and lines, fans, fan clutches, fan belts, oil coolers, lights and wire harnesses, windshields, doors, door windows, door locks, upholstery, steering and suspension components, air bags, front/rear wheel and brake components and heating and cooling accessories

·          Removes and replaces hydraulic components on trucks

·          Ensures that these structures are aligned or replaced according to manufacturers’ specification

·          May diagnose electronic components (i.e. electronic A/C/heating & cooling, air bag systems, passenger restraint systems, wiring, etc.) reading and utilizing diagnostics scanner; re assembles parts disengaged prior to the repair.









Auto Mechanic

·          Keeps equipment available for use by inspecting and testing vehicles

·          Completing preventive maintenance such as, engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotation and changes, wheel balancing, replacing filters

·          Maintains vehicle functional condition by listening to operator complaints; conducting inspections; repairing engine failures; repairing mechanical and electrical systems malfunctions; replacing parts and components

·          Verifies vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives; adjusting controls and systems.

·          Complies with state vehicle requirements by testing engine, safety, and combustion control standards.

·          Maintains vehicle records by recording service and repairs.

·          Keeps shop equipment operating by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for repairs.

·          Contains costs by using warranty; evaluating service and parts options.

·          Keeps supplies ready by inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.




Tow Truck Driver

·          Drives tow-truck to move motor vehicles damaged by accident, stalled, or ticketed by police for traffic violation: Receives call or is dispatched to location by repair garage, Automobile Association, or police department by radio or telephone.

·          Attaches antisway bar to vehicle by means of cable, chains, or other grappling devices, and hoists one end of vehicle, using hand or powered winch, to tow vehicle to repair garage or to police department’s impounding area.

·          May make minor repairs to vehicles along highway, such as replacing spark plugs, batteries, and light bulbs, and connecting loose wires.

·          May perform other duties when not engaged in towing, such as Automobile Service Station Attendant or Tire Repair.

·          May dismantle vehicles to salvage parts, using such hand tools as wrenches, pry bar, and hacksaws.

·          May remove, bend, or cut parts of damaged vehicles preparatory to towing.



Automobile Service Station Attendant

·          Services automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles with fuel, lubricants, and accessories: Fills fuel tank of vehicles with gasoline or diesel fuel to level specified by customer.

·          Observes level of oil in crankcase and amount of water in radiator, and adds required amounts of oil and water.

·          Adds necessary amount of water to battery, and washes windshield of vehicle.

·          Lubricates vehicle and changes motor oil.

·          May sell batteries and automobile accessories usually found in service stations.

·          May assist in arranging displays, taking inventories, and making daily reports.


Tire Repairer

·          Identify and inflate tires correctly for the size and ply.

·          Place wheels on balancing machines to determine counterweights required to balance wheels.

·          Raise vehicles, using hydraulic jacks.

·          Remount wheels onto vehicles.

·          Locate punctures in tubeless tires by visual inspection or by immersing inflated tires in water baths and observing air bubbles.

·          Unbolt wheels from vehicles and remove them, using lug wrenches and other hand and power tools.

·          Apply rubber cement to buffed tire casings prior to vulcanization process.

·          Reassemble tires onto wheels.

·          Drive automobile or service trucks to industrial sites to provide services or respond to emergency calls.

·          Replace valve stems and remove puncturing objects.

·          Hammer required counterweights onto rims of wheels.

·          Rotate tires to different positions on vehicles, using hand tools.

·          Inspect tire casings for defects, such as holes or tears.

·          Seal punctures in tubeless tires by inserting adhesive material and expanding rubber plugs into punctures, using hand tools.

·          Glue tire patches over ruptures in tire casings, using rubber cement.

·          Prepare rims and wheel drums for reassembly by scraping, grinding, or sandblasting.

·          Order replacements for tires or tubes.

·          Separate tubed tires from wheels, using rubber mallets and metal bars or mechanical tire changers.

·          Patch tubes with adhesive rubber patches or seal rubber patches to tubes, using hot vulcanizing plates.

·          Inflate inner tubes and immerse them in water to locate leaks.

·          Roll new rubber treads, known as camelbacks, over tire casings, and mold the semi-raw rubber treads onto the buffed casings.

·          Clean sides of whitewall tires.

·          Buff defective areas of inner tubes, using scrapers.

·          Place casing-camelback assemblies in tire molds for the vulcanization process and exert pressure on the camelbacks to ensure good adhesion.












Construction Foreman

·          Handle creation of job duties and delegate tasks to construction workers

·          Create and monitor schedules for each worker and ensure that he has the physical and mental ability to cope

·          Ensure accuracy of work orders prior to handing them out and make sure that time efficiency is taken into account

·          Make sure that work sites are cleaned and cleared of any hazardous materials prior to the beginning of a construction project

·          Brief crew members about how daily tasks need to be carried out

·          Manage construction budgets and track construction costs

·          Ensure that all machinery and tools are available to the crew and everything is in proper order and state of maintenance

·          Perform inspections to ensure that the crew’s performance is up to the set standards

·          Coordinate separate modules of the construction process to ensure harmony

·          Ensure that all materials, supplies, tools and equipment are procured in a time efficient manner

·          Monitor daily construction procedures to ensure that proper quality is maintained and that schedules are being followed

·          Create progress reports on a daily basis and ensure that any significant information is communicated to the supervisor

·          Handle onsite incidents and emergencies in a proactive manner

·          Create and maintain positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely procurement of supplies and materials

·          Ensure periodic maintenance and proper storage of construction equipment and tools






Construction Laborer

·          Prepare sites to ensure maximum optimization of construction work procedures

·          Clean debris, trash and hazardous materials from construction sites

·          Dig trenches and pour concrete as instructed

·          Assist in installing sewerage pipes and drains

·          Operate forklifts to transport materials and equipment from one place to another on a construction site

·          Erect temporary structures and scaffolding

·          Place traffic signs to warn traffic of construction in process

·          Clean and maintain construction equipment appropriately

·          Align structural components according to blue prints

·          Perform roadside maintenance tasks such as trimming trees and clearing shrubs

·          Load and unload equipment from trucks

·          Drive trucks carrying materials and equipment from warehouse to sites

·          Fill potholes to facilitate the construction process

·          Ensure that all work is being done in compliance with the company’s protocols

·          Use hand tools to cut and shape material as per instructions




·          Assemble, install, test and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures

·          Diagnose malfunctioning systems to identify hazards, defects and the need for adjustment or repair

·          Test electrical systems, circuits in electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures

·          Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring

·          Prepare sketches and follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring and equipment

·          Install ground leads and wires, switch boxes, circuit breaker panels and conduits for wall wiring





Heavy Equipment Operator

·          Operate equipment used for construction purposes such as tankers, cranes, bulldozers, loaders, compost mixers and excavators.

·          Build levels and excavate land surfaces using a variety of construction equipment.

·          Clear construction areas of debris and other hazardous materials prior to beginning a project.

·          Perform a variety of pre-winter and summer maintenance activities on roads.

·          Gather waste and debris from work areas and load them onto trucks to be disposed off.

·          Transport waste to appropriate locations.

·          Perform dust control and dirt compaction by operating water tankers.

·          Ensure that heavy equipment that is to be used on a construction project is cleaned on a regular basis.

·          Maintain and update inventory of supplies, material and equipment used in each project.

·          Perform preventative and general maintenance on heavy equipment.

·          Make sure that heavy equipment is safe for use by performing constant checks.

·          Ensure that all equipment is safely stored at the end of each work day.

·          Troubleshoot equipment problems and make needed repairs.

·          Take orders from supervisor for daily work tasks and provide feedback to supervisor on a daily basis.

·          Ensure that work reports are prepared at the end of each day and handed over to the supervisor.

·          Maintain knowledge of safe construction work practices and procedures.


·         Apply paint, vinyl and wallpaper including special papers and fabrics to walls, furniture and structures

·         Examine and maintain painted exterior and interior painted surfaces, trimming and fixtures

·         Prepare surfaces and apply paints, stains, shading stains, and clear finishes

·         Remove previous paint by means of sandblasting, scraping, sanding, hydro-blasting and steam-cleaning

·         Inspect and refurbish wall surfaces by means of the appropriate materials

·         Determine, cut and apply wallpaper or fabric to walls

·         Read blueprints and drawings of the premise for the execution of painting job

·         Order paint supplies and materials

·         Apply wood finishing by suitably preparing surface

·         Cover interior walls and ceilings with wallpaper or fabrics

·         Operate and maintain high pressure low volume spray machines

·         Submit finished work orders to supervisor

·         Provide assistance to semi-skilled or unskilled workers

·         Operate and maintain various power and manual tools

·         Maintain logs of Volatile Organic Compound and spray volume

·         Follow established protection procedures

·         Clean up job site after work and return equipment and tools

·         Maintain a clean work environment


·         Assemble pipe sections, tubing and fittings, using couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, cement, plastic solvent, caulking, or soldering, brazing and welding equipment.

·         Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks.

·         Review blueprints and building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures.

·         Prepare written work cost estimates and negotiate contracts.

·         Study building plans and inspect structures to assess material and equipment needs, to establish the sequence of pipe installations, and to plan installation around obstructions such as electrical wiring.

·         Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports.


·         Repaired, maintained, and removed roofs and the installed of new ones

·         Measured roof to calculated the quantities of required materials

·         Installed vapor barriers and layers of insulation

·         Inspected composition shingles, slate shingles and metal roofs for leaks

·         Applied cold process roof coatings

·         Erected rigging

·         Determined materials requirements for roof repairs

·         Inspected problem roofs to find out the best way to repair them

·         Found and replaced damaged joists and plywood

·         Install shingles, asphalt, metal, or other materials to make the roof watertight


·         Utilized tools to cut metals into frames as per designs.

·         Recycled scrap metal by melting it and using it to fill gaps in metal joints.

·         Repaired and installed metal parts of equipment.

·         Conducted several checks on previously completed assembling, such as leak tests and X rays. Uses precision measuring instruments such as micrometer.

·         Considered different engineering designs, blueprints and specs, to select an appropriate design as per the suitability.

·         Developed new designs and templates to increase longevity of welded parts.

·         Ensured no rough patches in existing designs; uses tools such as metal grinder to remove rough spots when present.

·         Applied acquired knowledge of metallurgy to estimate raw materials required to finish welding projects.

·         Designs, fabricates, joins, and/or repairs equipment, fixtures and various types of metal objects and structures using oxygen-acetylene, electric arc, MIG and TIG welding techniques.

·         Operates drill presses, power saws, grinders, metal lathes and a variety of welding equipment and hand tools.

·         Analyzes plans, drawings, work samples, specifications, and work orders to determine work requirements and sequence of welding assignments.

·         Estimates material and labor.

·         Recommends supplies and materials to be ordered.

HVAC Technician

·         Effective in installing and troubleshooting heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units

·         Adept at balancing air and water treatment systems in accordance to HVAC protocols

·         Core understanding of determining causes of malfunctions and correcting them properly

·         Exceptional knowledge of providing technical assistant with the design and implementation of HVAC systems

·         Strong background in reading and interpreting instructions and safety procedures associated with HVAC processes

·         Proven ability to read schematics and work plans

·         Absolute understanding of local building codes

·         Knowledge of basic and advanced building components in relation to HVAC systems

·         Solid knowledge of using hand and power tools

·         Physically dexterous to handle tasks effectively in extreme weather conditions

·         Highly experienced in handling electronic and mechanical systems effectively

·         Well-versed in installing and repairing pumps, motors, fan coils and piping

·         Great ability to determine whether a part of a system or the system in whole can be repaired or will need to be replaced

·         Knowledge and ability to perform preventative and general maintenance tasks on HVAC systems

·         Deep understanding of fabricating equipment parts to meet specialty needs or replace parts that may not be readily available







Landscaper/ Groundskeeper Laborer

·         Plans and executes small scale landscaping operations and maintains grounds and landscape of private and business residences: Participates with Laborer, Landscaper in preparing and grading terrain, applying fertilizers, seeding and sodding lawns, and transplanting shrubs and plants, using manual and power-operated equipment.

·         Plans lawns, and plants and cultivates them, using gardening implements and power-operated equipment.

·         Plants new and repairs established lawns, using seed mixtures and fertilizers recommended for particular soil type and lawn location.

·         Locates and plants shrubs, trees, and flowers selected by property owner or those recommended for particular landscape effect.

·         Mows and trims lawns, using hand mower or power mower.

·         Trims shrubs and cultivates gardens

·         Cleans grounds, using rakes, brooms, and hose.


·         Sprays trees and shrubs, and applies supplemental liquid and dry nutrients to lawn and trees

·         May dig trenches and install drain tiles.

·         May make repairs to concrete and asphalt walks and driveways.



Greenhouse/ Nursery Worker

·          Supervises and participates in seeding flowers, slipping, rooting, potting, and boxing plants, transferring plants to beds; preparing soil for beds, re-potting plants, and a wide variety of similar greenhouse tasks.

·           Checks temperature, ventilation, and humidity of the greenhouse and the moistness of potted plants; waters and fertilizes plants.

·           Designs complex and colorful beds and flower displays; supervises the preparation of beds and the transplanting, arranging, and care of plants.

·           Assists students, faculty, and the public with the solution of horticulture problems.

·           Supervises the care and maintenance of greenhouse and equipment; operates mixers, sprayers, mowers, and other gardening tools and equipment.

·           Inventories tools, equipment, supplies, and plants, and recommends the purchase of supplies and equipment as needed.

·           Performs related work as required.



General Farmworker

·          Tend to farm animals and livestock in a bid to keep them fed and healthy

·          Cultivate soil and sow crops on a designated piece of land

·          Perform slashing and chemical spraying activities to ensure weed control

·          Construct a variety of frames to support vines and berries

·          Perform harvesting activities by using equipment such as harvesters and tractors

·          Observe cattle for signs of illnesses and report any observations immediately

·          Prepare milking machinery and perform milking activities by hand or with the aid of machinery

·          Assist farmers in ensuring that farm animals get enough exercise and provide support in grooming them

·          Ensure that operational areas and clean and maintained

·          Clear away animal waste and clean and sterilize farm equipment

·          Assist in farm animal breeding and raising procedures such as shearing, crutching, branding and dipping

·          Herd sheep and cattle on foot or on motorbikes or horses

·          Repair farm buildings, fences and windmills and ensure constant maintenance measures are taken

·          Adjust and repair farm machinery and notify farmer in the event of a malfunction

·          Irrigate soil to ensure the quality of crop and pick crops for selling

·          Weigh vegetables and fruits and mark batches

·          Physically pick cultivated crops and load them onto shipment trucks
















General Building Maintenance Worker

·          Clean debris and dust from the assigned areas

·          Use specialized equipment such as blowers and mowers to perform cleaning duties

·          Perform both major and minor repair work around the building such as repairing locks and installing window blinds

·          Replace broken windows and door locks

·          Remove signs of graffiti from walls and windows

·          Install and repair electric wiring and replace bulbs and capacitors

·          Ensure that control panels and electric locks are in proper working condition

·          Install television and computer cables

·          Inspect company equipment for possible problems and report findings

·          Take measures to perform maintenance on equipment and tools

·          Perform general maintenance on sanitary and mechanical systems of buildings

·          Collect waste from ashtrays and bins and ensure proper waste management procedures are carried out

·          Assist with construction or remodeling projects

·          Move furniture and equipment upon instruction

·          Maintain the overall condition of the building and grounds

·          Make sure that the grounds are free of leaves or trash

·          Perform inspection of the premises and ensure that any hazardous conditions are immediately taken care of



Janitor/ Custodian

·          Clean offices, meeting chambers and recreational facilities

·          Mop tile and concrete floor areas

·          Vacuum all carpeted areas

·          Dust all furniture and fixtures as required

·          Wash and disinfect all washroom floors, toilets, toilet seats, hand dryers and fixtures

·          Clean all mirrors

·          Replenish toilet tissue and soap as needed

·          Empty all waste baskets and garbage cans

·          Place garbage in outside storage bin

·          Clean entrance and exit including glass, doors and hardware

·          Keep outside area near exit and entrance clear of snow, cans, paper, etc.

·          Clean, wash and disinfect drinking fountains

·          Wash all finger marks from walls, doors, hardware and glass

·          Perform and/or report minor maintenance repairs

·          Clean kitchen sinks and counters

·          Report damages and acts of vandalism

·          Wash and buff floors with floor polisher

·          Wash entrance and exit floors

·          Spot clean walls and toilet partitions






CDL Truck Driver

·          Operated and drove different kinds of trucks to transport goods and materials over long distances

·          Planned trip logistics and obtained necessary documents to transport goods

·          Loaded and unloaded cargo

·          Ensured cargo is secured properly compliant with safety requirements

·          Followed safety procedures for transporting hazardous goods

·           Performed pre-trip, en-route and post-trip inspection of vehicle

·          Recorded cargo information, hours of service, distance travelled and fuel expenditure

·          Managed bills of lading

·          Maintained log books

·          Communicated with dispatcher, other drivers and customers by means of wireless devices and on-board computers

·          Reported any incidents to dispatcher

·          Followed all traffic laws

·          Reported serious mechanical problems to the managers

·          Kept truck and associated equipment tidy and in good working order



Bus Driver

·          Checked the bus tires, lights, and oil before departure

·          Performed basic maintenance

·          Picked up and dropped off passengers at different locations

·          Followed a predetermined route on a time schedule

·          Helped disabled travelers get on and off the bus

·          Kept passengers clued-up of likely delays

·          Replied passengers’ queries regarding schedules, routes, and transfer points

·          Reported any disruptions to a central dispatcher



Taxi Driver

·          Drive people from one place to another in a taxi cab.

·          Figure out where passengers are going.

·          Ask for directions or determine directions on GPS.

·          Use knowledge of local streets and traffic patterns to avoid heavy traffic.

·          Pay tolls.

·          Vacuum and clean interior of cab.

·          Turn on and off meter.

·          Pick up and throw away debris from passengers.

·          Take payments.

·          Wax and wash exterior of car.

·          Service car and determine if repairs are needed.

·          Get oil changed and fluids checked regularly.

·          Pick up people at their request.

·          Operate wheelchair lifts.

·          Make change and issue receipts.

·          Determine fares based on distance, number of passengers, or times.

·          Answer requests to receive vehicle assignments.

·          Perform errands for customers.

·          Take passengers to airport or pick them up.

·          Carry packages and luggage.

·          Help passengers get in and out of car.

·          Make minor repairs and adjustments.

·          Clean walkways.

·          Wash and dry windows until they shine.

·          Put air in tires.




























Social Media/ Community Manager

·          Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.

·          Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to spread both our brand and our content.

·          Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing leads and customers as well as from brand new audiences.

·          Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success (e.g. Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, etc.).

·          Work alongside other marketers and content marketers to help distribute content that educates and entertains our audience and supports marketing goals.

·          Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from our social network presence.

·          Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach our target buyers.

·          Track, measure, and analyze all initiatives to report on social media ROI.



Product Marketing Associate

·          Together with the product team, educate both internal and external stakeholders about our product features and their benefits.

·          Create product content (e.g. sales enablement documentation, case studies, product videos, website copy, blog posts, Quora/forum responses) to articulate the benefits of our products to the world.

·          Assist members of our sales team on calls with prospects when appropriate to provide deeper dives into the product.

·          Speak and present both internally and externally to promote the story of our product.

·          Measure and optimize the buyer journey as it relates to product feature adoption and usage.



Public Relations Media Relations

·          Connect with influential media outlets and journalists to place stories about company news and other initiatives.

·          Assist with event planning, including working with vendors, event coordinators, and design teams for on-site collateral.

·          Create content regularly to grow the company’s footprint (press releases, corporate announcements, and creative content like SlideShare presentations).

·          Collaborate with prominent members of the company, including executives, to craft and pitch press releases and thought leadership columns.

·          Establish a sustainable, strategic approach to PR based on adding value to media outlets and event managers, not just asking for it.




Telemarketing Representative

·          Identifies prospects by reading telephone and zip code directories and other prepared listings.

·          Calls prospective customers by operating telephone equipment, automatic dialing systems, and other telecommunications technologies.

·          Influences customers to buy services and merchandise by following a prepared sales pitch to give service and product information and price quotations.

·          Completes orders by recording names, addresses, and purchases; referring orders for filling.

·          Keeps equipment operational by following manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures.

·          Secures information by completing data base backups.

·          Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

·          Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.

·          Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.




Door to Door Sales Representative

·          Engaging strangers in conversation.

·          Explaining competitively priced service plans to customers.

·          Planning and scheduling door-to-door routes.

·          Convincing people of the benefits from certain products and services.

·          Processing payments from customers.

·          Filling in forms with customers and completing all administrative tasks.

·          Monitoring sales activities and proactively taking necessary action to re-direct efforts as needed.

·          Increasing product penetration in a specific area.

·          Identifying the training needs of junior or new staff members.

·          Developing a rapport with customers.

·          Asking potential customers questions to ascertain their potential needs.

·          Training new sales team members.

·          Complying with all operational and regulatory rules.

·          Ensuring the confidentiality of private customer information.















Certified Nurse’s Assistant


·          Provides patients’ personal hygiene by giving bedpans, urinals, baths, backrubs, shampoos, and shaves; assisting with travel to the bathroom; helping with showers and baths.

·          Provides for activities of daily living by assisting with serving meals, feeding patients as necessary; ambulating, turning, and positioning patients; providing fresh water and nourishment between meals.

·          Provides adjunct care by administering enemas, douches, nonsterile dressings, surgical preps, ice packs, heat treatments, sitz and therapeutic baths; applying restraints.

·          Maintains patient stability by checking vital signs and weight; testing urine; recording intake and output information.

·          Provides patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials; transporting patients; answering patients’ call lights and requests; reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.

·          Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.

·          Maintains work operations by following policies and procedures.

·          Protects organization’s value by keeping patient information confidential.

·          Serves and protects the hospital community by adhering to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements, and jcaho standards.

·          Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; participating in professional organizations; maintaining licensure.

·          Enhances nursing department and hospital reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


Direct Support Staff (DSS)


Direct Support Professional (DSP)

·          Assist/monitor/teach individuals with preparation of daytime activities; encourage good personal hygiene, and behavior appropriate in their home or apartment.

·          Assist Direct Care Supervisor in the assessment of each individuals(s) abilities, interests and need areas toward independent living. Assist Direct Care Supervisor in the development of each ISP. Staff behavior and interaction with individuals shall be directed towards the attainment of goals set forth within each ISP.

·          Assist/monitor/teach individuals(s) in budgeting skills.

·          Teach self-medication skills according to DMR regulations, and when appropriate supervise in medication administration.

·          Assist/monitor/teach individuals engaging in daily chores.

·          Assist/monitor/teach individuals as needed in grocery shopping, menu planning, meal preparation and clean up.

·          Meet with individuals (as needed) on an individual basis to discuss concerns, problems.

·          Assist/monitor/teach individuals in holding house meetings and informal discussion groups with peers.

·          Handle emergency situations appropriately, (according to MHA and DMR policies). Utilize crisis interventions when necessary.

·          Perform daily record keeping (i.e. data collection, daily logs). Exchange information with next shift and/or with support staff.

·          Teach and be supportive of basic nutrition. Assist individuals to utilize community resources from nutritional counseling.

·          Teach problem solving skills/resolving conflicts.

·          Provide leisure/recreational activities of individual(s) choice, increase individual’s self-initiative in leisure activities.

·          Teach/monitor individuals self-management skills (in health and behavior management).

·          Teach individuals basic first aid, fire safety, emergency skills and sex education, and/or assist individual in locating a class (community resource) in the above stated items.

·          Provide opportunities for individuals to have choices, make decisions in daily living and their future goals (i.e. assist individual in day to day decisions).

·          Follow individual treatment plans consistently.




Homemaker and Companion

·          Provides companionship by reading, conversation, and listening.

·          Participates in appropriate recreational activities and hobbies for social and sensory stimulation.

·          Assists patient/client in completing necessary phone calls, letter writing, etc.

·          Maintains a safe home environment for the client.

·          Accompanies patient/client on walks, community trips, doctor’s office, bank, etc.

·          Reminds client to take self-administered medications.

·          Informs staffing coordinator of any changes in assignment.

·          Provides emotional support and promotes a sense of well-being.

·          May plan light housekeeping tasks such as preparation of a meal or laundering clothes.

·          May perform light housework to maintain a clean, neat environment.

·          Assists in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment. Uses equipment and supplies safely and properly.












Housekeeping Associate

·          Ensuring that rooms and public areas are cleaned to the highest standards.

·          Working closely with other housekeeping and maintenance staff.

·          Following strict infection control policies.

·          Creating a clean and safe environment for all.

·          Regularly checking the status of all rooms.

·          Changing the linens and making the bed properly.

·          Using vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and carpet shampooers.

·          Making sure that all cleaning equipment is maintained and stored away properly.

·          Washing woodwork, windows, door panels and sills.

·          Maintaining the stocking levels of all point-of-sales and consumables.

·          Monitoring the performance of Room Attendants.

·          Entering each guest room by knocking on the door and saying, “Housekeeping”.

·          Cleaning lavatories, baths, sinks and hand basins.

·          Dusting items around the room.

·          Ensuring that lost property is kept safely and returned to its owner.

·          Managing guest requests in a timely and efficient manner.

·          Carrying out all other reasonable requests by management.

·          Reporting any security issues to line manager.

·          Giving guests information on room prices and special promotions.

·          Flipping mattresses, cleaning curtains and dusting lamp shades.





House Cleaner

·          Clean houses with a variety of chemicals, disinfectants, and machines.

·          Vacuum hardwood floors and carpet.

·          Sweep up debris.

·          Clean toilets with toilet brush and chemicals.

·          Wash soiled clothes and linens.

·          Place fresh linens on bed.

·          Wash, fold, and stock towels.

·          Scrub stains, mold, and mildew from surfaces.

·          Empty wastebaskets and take out trash.

·          Wash dishes and put dishes away in cupboards.

·          Throw out expired food in fridge.

·          Clean up after pets.

·          Clean upholstered furniture and drapes.

·          Dust tables, wood surfaces, and shelves.

·          Clean and dust window treatments.

·          Polish silver.

·          Wipe down appliances.

·          Stock kitchens with groceries and condiments.

·          Mop, polish, and wax floors.

·          Restock house with cleaning supplies.

·          Replace burned out light bulbs.

·          Wash baseboards, walls, and ceilings.

·          Sweep driveways and walkways.

·          Disinfect equipment and supplies.

·          Turn mattresses, plump pillows, and change cushions.

·          Refresh flower vases.







Laundry Attendant

·          Deal with customers by greeting them and asking them their laundry needs

·          Take a survey of the clothes that need to be washed

·          Identify colors and whites and separate them

·          Make bundles of similar types of clothes and colors

·          Ensure that whites are separated regardless of the type of clothes

·          Ask customers their choice of detergent and softener

·          Ensure that each pile of clothes is in a separate basket

·          Tag each customer’s clothes separately

·          Inspect each item for nicks, tears or stains prior to washing and inform customers

·          Load clothes in the washer and ensure that the right amount is loaded

·          Fill washers with water and appropriate amount of washing powder and softener

·          Mix the right amount of bleach to ensure proper washing

·          Lift washed items from the washer and place them in the dryer

·          Ensure that that the right amount of items have been loaded into the dryer

·          Set the dryer at appropriate drying time depending on the type of clothes

·          Sort dried clothes and fold them appropriately

·          Place folded clothes in the customers’ baskets in accordance to tags

·          Make sure that the right quantity of clothes are returned to the customers

·          Perform maintenance on washers and dryers on a regular basis

·          Ensure that lint filters are changed at least once every day

·          Clean washers and dryers after every wash

·          Order washing supplies and keep track of supplies inventory










Office Assistant

·          Answer phones and transfer to the appropriate staff member

·          Take and distribute accurate messages

·          Greet public and clients and direct them to the correct staff member

·          Coordinate messenger and courier service

·          Receive, sort and distribute incoming mail

·          Monitor incoming emails and answer or forward as required

·          Prepare outgoing mail for distribution

·          Fax, scan and copy documents

·          Maintain office filing and storage systems

·          Update and maintain databases such as mailing lists, contact lists and client information

·          Retrieve information when requested

·          Update and maintain internal staff contact lists

·          Co-ordinate and maintain staff administrative records such as staff parking, staff phones and company credit cards

·          Type documents, reports and correspondence

·          Organize travel arrangements for staff

·          Co-ordinate and organize appointments and meetings

·          Assist with event planning and implementation

·          Monitor and maintain office supplies

·          Ensure office equipment is properly maintained and serviced

·          Perform work related errands as requested such as going to the post office and bank

·          Keep office area clean and tidy






·          Effectively & professionally answering the telephone and dealing with enquiries.

·          Receiving deliveries, couriers, incoming faxes & arranging distribution to recipients.

·          Logging information on calls received and maintaining detailed records.

·          Organizing the meeting rooms and overseeing visitor car parking.

·          Typing letters, reports and other documents often of a sensitive and confidential nature in corporate house style.

·          Ensuring that the reception & meeting room areas are clean & welcoming.

·          Scanning documents and updating internal systems.

·          Archiving paper files (and coordinating off site filing resources).

·          Booking meeting rooms and making suitable catering arrangements as requested.

·          Processing and coordinating outgoing post.



·          Work with technical material, preparing statistical reports, planning and typing statistical tables, and combining and rearranging material from different sources.

·          Use data entry devices, such as optical scanners, to input data into computers for revision or editing.

·          Transcribe steno typed notes of court proceedings.

·          Check completed work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format.

·          Perform other clerical duties such as answering telephone, sorting and distributing mail, running errands or sending faxes.

·          Gather, register, and arrange the material to be typed, following instructions.

·          Type correspondence, reports, text and other written material from rough drafts, corrected copies, voice recordings, dictation or previous versions, using a computer, word processor, or typewriter.

·          File and store completed documents on computer hard drive or disk, and/or maintain a computer filing system to store, retrieve, update and delete documents.

·          Print and makes copies of work.





Administrative Assistant

·          Organize and provide documents, reports and information to department and external clients in an useful and well-organized manner

·          Create and maintain active files

·          Schedule travel, coordinate with travel agency to obtain the best possible trip and prepare travel expense reports accordingly

·          Plan meetings and conference calls and arrange and manage meetings

·          Take and compile minutes of meeting

·          Initiate purchase requisitions

·          Order office supplies and equipment

·          Maintain files and folders

·          Maintain weekly schedules for employees

·          Handle and screen telephone calls, routine mail and reallocate as required

·          Train and supervise casual and clerical staff

·          Process client orders, invoices and payments

·          Perform basic bookkeeping activities

·          Create and maintain database records

·          Manage front office operations

·          Liaise with local authorities and vendors

·          Manage calendars

·          Plan and organize meetings and events

·          Track and process annual fixed asset inventory



Book Keeper

·          Perform bookkeeping for all financial transactions

·          Reconcile and balance all accounts

·          Complete month end closings

·          Present financial statements

·          Analyze financial data and produce financial reports

·          Manage inventory

·          Administer accounts payable and accounts receivable

·          Process employee payroll of $X per month

·          Calculate and prepare tax payments

·          File tax reports

·          Assist with budget preparation

·          Complete external audit requirements

Data Entry Clerk

·          Prepares source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting information; establishing entry priorities.

·          Processes customer and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies; resolving discrepancies by using standard procedures or returning incomplete documents to the team leader for resolution.

·          Enters customer and account data by inputting alphabetic and numeric information on keyboard or optical scanner according to screen format.

·          Maintains data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures.

·          Verifies entered customer and account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data; combining data from both systems when account information is incomplete; purging files to eliminate duplication of data.

·          Tests customer and account system changes and upgrades by inputting new data; reviewing output.

·          Secures information by completing data base backups.

·          Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.

·          Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.

·          Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.





Medical Office Receptionist

·          Welcomes patients and visitors by greeting patients and visitors, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.

·          Optimizes patients’ satisfaction, provider time, and treatment room utilization by scheduling appointments in person or by telephone.

·          Keeps patient appointments on schedule by notifying provider of patient’s arrival; reviewing service delivery compared to schedule; reminding provider of service delays.

·          Comforts patients by anticipating patients’ anxieties; answering patients’ questions; maintaining the reception area.

·          Ensures availability of treatment information by filing and retrieving patient records.

·          Maintains patient accounts by obtaining, recording, and updating personal and financial information.

·          Obtains revenue by recording and updating financial information; recording and collecting patient charges; controlling credit extended to patients; filing, collecting, and expediting third-party claims.

·          Maintains business office inventory and equipment by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies; scheduling equipment service and repairs.

·          Helps patients in distress by responding to emergencies.

·          Protects patients’ rights by maintaining confidentiality of personal and financial information.

·          Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.

·          Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.






Case Manager

·          Acting as the liaison between the patient and care personnel to ensure that all necessary care is provided promptly and effectively.

·          Establishing action plans based on case facts, best practices, protocols, jurisdictional issues and available resources.

·          Compiling detailed person centered care plans.

·          Working with people in crisis.

·          Providing cover in the absence of other managerial colleagues.

·          Visiting clients in their own homes, nursing homes and outside specialist units.

·          Planning workloads and priorities.

·          Carrying out investigations into the clinical needs of patients.

·          Maintaining up to date administrative records.

·          Providing crisis intervention and support as clinically indicated.

·          Completing complicated benefit-related applications.




Employment Specialist

•Communicate with the heads of department and make note of the vacancies and requirements within their departments

•Understand the job description and the qualifications and skills required for the candidate to be eligible for the interviews

•Search the existing databases of the job seekers with the organization and the various job search portals on the internet to find the right candidate

•Short list the candidates suitable for the profile and establish communication with them via emails and telephone calls

•Make a new list of interested candidates and call them up for the interviews. Confirm their attendance prior to their appointments

•Carry out preliminary interviews with the candidates to gather personal information and verify the details provided on the resume

•Conduct aptitude tests and technical interviews of the candidates. Examine the tests to shortlist the candidates who have passed the tests

•Call up the referrers given by the candidates and take their feedback of the work and behavior of the candidate

•Submit employee background verification reports with the organization

•Maintain a record of the candidates not selected during the interviews for future references

•Team-up with the managers to negotiate salary and terms of recruitment with the selected candidates

•Issue appointment letters to the finalized candidate and confirm their acceptance of the same

•Close the position officially on receiving the acceptance letter


Community Advocate

•Responsible for the reporting including case plan, records, that clearly show who is responsible for what activity. 

•Disseminate information regarding domestic violence services and homeless and other community resources.

•Provide resources and referrals to prior shelter residents and potential program entrants by offering assistance on their legal issues, budgeting, education skills, job opportunities and housing opportunities and requirements

•Able to coordinate in case planning with the Case Managers in the Corps units and other resources. This cooperative effort will include working with the family and the Case Manager who is serving their zip code so that the client’s transition is stabilized.

•Provide crisis intervention including victim’s problem definition, ensuring safety (safety plan), providing emotional and other supports (information and referral), reviewing alternatives, planning response, and firming up the commitment.

•Provide independent needs assessment including: taking background history, determining cultural, economic, ethnic, and social factors involved, identifying special needs of victims, and gathering relevant information needed to develop a written case management plan determined by and acceptable to the victim.

•Provide plan implementation or intervention including: work with victim to promote achievement of their continued well-being through problem solving counseling, support groups, caring for their children’s needs (day care/school), emergency/transitional/permanent housing stabilization, legal advocacy, court orders (restraining, no contact etc.), medical care/behavioral health, life skills, employment, transportation, emergency assistance (food and utility) and other services as needed.

•Provide an evaluation of outcomes including: continued safety and security, achievement of specific case management plan objectives, and progress made toward the client’s long term goals


Drug Alcohol Counselor



Substance Abuse Counselor

·          Meeting with clients to evaluate their health and substance problem

·          Identifying issues and create goals and treatment plans

·          Teaching clients coping mechanisms

·          Helping clients find jobs or reestablish their career

·          Leading group therapy sessions

·          Providing updates and progress reports to courts

·          Referring clients to support groups

·          Setting up aftercare plans

·          Meeting with family members and provide guidance and support










Camp Counselor

• Participate in the planning phase of summer camp activities

• Chart out activities and games that need to be introduced during summer camp

• Ensure that all rules are charted out prior to the beginning of summer camps

• Greet camp participants in a positive and upbeat manner

• Provide them with information on what camp activities will be taking place

• Chart out rules and limitations and ensure that each participant understands them

• Have a one-on-one with participants new to summer camps

• Lead camping activities such as tent pitching, nature walks and games

• Ensure the safety and wellbeing of campers

• Handle group problems by employing tact in recognizing and responding to issues

• Guide participants in participating successfully and assisting them physically when required

• Observe participants’ behavior and ensure that no misdemeanor is evident

• Intervene during arguments to ensure camp harmony

• Perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR

• Communicate regularly with camp director to provide updates

• Apply appropriate behavior management techniques to ensure that camp activities are not marred by irrelevance

• Ensure that all camp sites are kept free of litter and organized

• Communicate with parents / guardians of young participants to provide feedback



Child Care Worker

• Supervised activities of children

• Prepared and served meals utilizing provided menus

• Attended staff meetings and training

• Provided children with positive reinforcement

• Provided first aid treatment as necessary

• Maintained order, security and sanitation of the facility

• Performed housekeeping and laundry

• Supervised children in everyday jobs

• Maintained complete and accurate daily records

• Implemented behavior modification techniques as instructed




Day Care Provider

• Bathe, dress and groom children and change diapers

• Organize toys and materials to ensure a tidy activity area

• Sterilize bottles and prepare formulas

• Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for children

• Help eating meals and guide concerning habits of eating

• Facilitate children with homework and school work

• Teach children to use touch screens and computers

• Teach children in health and personal hygiene, resting, and proper toileting

• Read to toddlers and teach them easy painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs

• Organize and take part in leisure activities, games and television

• Provide counseling or treatment to emotionally disturbed or offending children

• Transport children to and from school, on outings, and to medical appointments

• Oversee children into baths or pools

• Promote children’s emotional and social development, understanding of others and self-actualization

• Wash toys and play equipment

• Motivate children to change clothing by themselves and pick-up toys and books after activity

• Discover signs of emotional or developmental troubles in children and communicate the same to parents

• Carry out housekeeping duties; laundry, errands, cleaning, dishwashing, and changing of linens

• Keep records of every child, including day by day observations and information regarding activities, meals served, and medicine administered

























• Welcome clients as they arrive at the barbershop and engage them in conversation to determine their needs

• Provide suggestions to clients regarding hair styles and popular trends

• Answer clients’ questions regarding barbershop’s facilities and products

• Inquire from clients about hair care preferences and suggest appropriate resolutions to hair and scalp issues

• Cut and style hair according to clients’ instructions

• Provide beard trims to clients looking for grooming

• Provide manicure and pedicure services to clients

• Give scalp treatments and apply facials

• Provide clients with head, neck and back massages

• Check clients for scalp or skin disorders such as sores or abrasions and determine how to provide a certain service

• Ensure that all combs and scissors are cleaned and sanitized after use

• Take telephone calls from clients and provide them with needed information

• Schedule appointments over the telephone and maintain records of work performed on each client

• Assume responsibility for the upkeep and cleanliness of work stations

• Perform up-selling services by suggesting retail products placed at the barbershop

• Ensure that sufficient items such as clean wrap sheets and towels are available on an ongoing basis

• Supervise trainees and apprentices to ensure that they are working according to the shop’s protocols

• Resolve clients’ complaints properly in a bid to ensure recurring business from them






• Determine clients’ individual requirements by conferring with them in detail

• Provide information to clients regarding the type of care treatment prudent for them

• Cut or trim hair using clippers and scissors

• Provide bleaching, coloring, waving and straightening services

• Perform blow-dry services

• Shave and trim moustaches and beards

• Shape, cut, adjust and curl wigs as required by clients

• Operate cash registers

• Perform limited reception duties

• Sell salon or barber shop’s retail products

• Provide advice to clients regarding hair products and care

• Provide appropriate post-cutting guidelines

• Ensure appropriate cleanliness of work areas

• Maintain and sanitize hair cutting tools and salon instruments

• Provide facials and manicures

• Manage hair oiling and massage services

• Provide demonstrations to trainees

• Train newly hired hair stylists in a proactive manner

• Maintain appointment calendars and customer databases





Nail Technician

·          Apply gel and acrylic nail enhancements and extensions

·          Perform manicures and pedicures

·          Use specialist tools and electrical equipment on nail enhancements

·          Apply decorative and airbrushed nail art

·          Maintain safe work practices and hygiene standards

·          Read and interpret product information to make safe and appropriate recommendations to clients

·          Conduct financial transactions

·          Perform reception duties (receiving bookings and arranging appointments, for example)

·          Perform routine housekeeping duties

·          Maintain client records

·          Provide advice about and sell nail products

·          Maintain knowledge of current industry standards and practices.


































Retail: Customer Service Representative

• Greet customers as they arrive and ask to provide any kind of assistance

• Provide information on the company’s products and services

• Escort customers to their aisles of choice and help them locate products

• Assist in choosing items when prompted by the customer

• Provide product demonstrations

• Provide information on after sales services and warranties

• Take customers’ orders on the telephone and in person

• Ensure that all orders are placed in the order database and delivered to the customer in a timely fashion

• Assist in managing discrepancies and complaints

• Manage logs and reports for goods sold

• Record and maintain customer information

• Oversee loading and unloading of items on trucks

• Stock shelves and rotate items on a periodic basis

• Walk customers through the purchasing process in order to expedite procedures

• Function as a liaison between customers and the company’s departments

• Provide pricing information to customers

• Provide information on daily deals and discounts

• Prepare customer and productivity reports for the benefit of supervisors








Retail Sales Associate









• Greeted customers and determined their needs and wants

• Discussed type, quality and number of merchandise required for purchase

• Recommended merchandise based on individual requirements

• Advised customers on utilization and care of merchandise

• Provided advice to clients regarding particular products or services

• Explained the use and advantage of merchandise to customers

• Answered customers’ queries and concerns

• Showed the live working of merchandise

• Quoted prices and discounts as well as credit terms, trade-in allowances, warranties and delivery dates

• Prepared sales contracts and accepted payment through cash, cheque and credit card

• Assisted in display of merchandise

• Maintained sales records for inventory control












Retail Cashier

• Assist customers with locating products in the store

• Inform customers of any special deals that the company may be offering

• Suggest items in addition to the purchased ones to boost sales

• Set up product displays and post promotional signs on the display windows

• Keep shelves well stocked and ensure rotation on a regular basis

• Ensure that all customers are following safety rules

• Manage returns and exchanges

• Provide after-sales service on the phone or in person

·         Operated a computerized cash register

·         Processed payments in the form of; Cash, credit, debit, check, and food stamps

·         Processed coupons, rain checks, and vouchers properly

·         Assisted customers in the store rewards and credit card process

·         Entered customer information properly into a computerized data bases and processed credit card accounts