The Fundamentals of Computers training program is a ten week course that provides job seekers with the fundamental computer skills needed to perform in a variety of occupations as well as to adapt to today’s workplace technology. Each participant will receive wrap around services including case management, job development, job placement, and job retention services.

This program is ten weeks of classroom instruction and professional development. Each student must participate in fifteen hours of instruction a week and five hours of lab work. The class hours are very flexible and an individual can complete those hours at any time between 8:30am-4pm Monday through Friday.

As part of Fundamentals of Computer Training, if a client is capable and they elect to learn more advanced skills they can earn certificates in up to 8 programs.

  • Intermediate Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft access
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft office

Students who wish to validate their computer skills can elect to test and receive certification from the National Computer Science Academy, Goodwill is currently the only computer trainer who provides this kind of certification.

For more information about the Fundamentals of Computers Training Program, call us at (401) 861-2080 or contact us here.