The Intensive Work Focused Integrated Program is a 6 month, 30 hour per week training program for RI Works recipients who are at or below a third grade reading level or who are below a sixth grade reading level without any significant work experience.  The program will have open enrollment Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm; instructions consist of small group and or individualized instruction. Each recipient will be assigned to a Goodwill Case Manager who also serves as a workshop facilitator; the workshops focus on work readiness skills incorporating the Equipped for the Future Teaching/Learning Curriculum.  During these workshops, students will learn work readiness, job seeking and begin career exploration. Career exploration will not only focus on the students interests but it will also give individuals exposure to industrial sectors of the economy which are believed to have the greatest growth potential over the next ten years. Specifically, focusing on jobs in critical emerging sectors such as healthcare, construction, and green technology. 

Participants in this program can expect the following:

  • Participate in a 10-20 hour a week work experience for 8-12 weeks
  • Enrollees will learn how to access labor market information
  • Visit NetworkRI
  • Participate in Goodwill’s “Good Sense” financial workshops
  • Employment based field trips & in-house guest speakers
  • Job shadowing
  • Interview & resume workshops
  • Computer workshops

Goodwill will facilitate referrals for individuals to participate in specific training programs deemed appropriate. 

For more information about the Intensive Work-Focused Integrated SL Program, call us at (401) 861-2080 or contact us here.