Jump Start Your Students’ Job Opportunities

Goodwill’s Transitional Resources Program allows students to engage in vocational and work experiences while remaining in their local high schools for academics.  You as education professionals know transition training is an essential component for Special Education students.  Goodwill Industries of RI can work with you to help students be more prepared for the transition from high school to adult life by giving them access to “real life” work experiences prior to graduation.

Goodwill has designed the Transitional Resources program with those needs in mind.  Our staff will assist the students in identifying vocational and/or work experiences that are in areas of interest.  Students will receive the training and experience they need to develop independent work skills and make informed career choices.

Program Overview:

  • Goodwill’s professional staff is on hand in each school to provide services and arrange for work experiences in the community.
  • Goodwill’s staff will work with your school to determine the best transportation option for students.
  • A typical work experience is 2-3 hours in length and occurs weekly/month. The length of the day and program will vary depending on the abilities of the individual student.
  • Students gain access to career exploration trips including Rhode Island colleges, employers and agencies that they may utilize during or after high school.
  • Students are paid minimum wage by Goodwill during the work experience.
  • Students are covered by Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island’s liability and workers compensation insurance while working.

Components of the Program can be customized to meet the unique needs of your students.  At the programs conclusion, a detailed report will be provided on each student focusing on progress, attitudes and aptitudes. 

The skill training offered includes:

  • Vocational evaluation
  • Job seeking skills
  •  Travel Training (Students will learn how to utilize public transportation)
  • Career exploration
  • Exposure to the business community
  • Internships

By partnering with Goodwill, your students will learn how to be successful in a job setting, what an employer expects from its employees, earn a wage, learn how to self-advocate and make informed choices.  You can start the Transitional Resources program in your school today!

For more information about Transition Services, call us at (401) 861-2080 or contact us here.